September 16, 2020

In previous parts of this blog, I've talked about the influences and experiences that have had an impact on my vocal ability and style. In part 3, it's off to university.... again!


Adjusting to the move to Huddersfield university was difficult. You know...

September 9, 2020

In the previous parts of this blog, I've spoken about my favourite books and growing up with gaming. This time, it's off to the cinema we go.


One of the fondest memories of my childhood is going to see the 20th anniversary screening of Star Wars: A New Ho...

September 2, 2020

Continuing the journey through the years and the changes to my vocal ability and style that occurred along the way. Last time, I spoke about early years and school. In part 2, it's off to university we go!


After Blues Brothers and the touring that went with it...

August 19, 2020

One aspect of my music which has changed the most over the years is my singing ability and style. This blog explores my vocal journey and the influences that have had an effect on my style.


As I've mentioned in previous blogs, after a couple of situations where...

July 21, 2020

In previous blogs I've mentioned bits and pieces about my life and relationship with music. Here are some moments I believe have had an influence on my musical career.

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