2002 - 2009
In and around the Chew Valley, I was part of multiple ensembles including the East Harptree Orchestra, Chew Valley Soul Band, Cantilena, Bath's Symphonic Wind Band and The Valley Jam

I began a degree in Music at the University of Huddersfield, graduating three years later with a 2:1 along with the William's Woodwind Award for my woodwind ability and musicianship

"The Lingering", a survival horror video game, becomes the first project I write music for. This is followed by "Alien Defense", "Make The Path", and "Emma's Nightmare" in the same year

I am approached by Gamblify, a slot machine company located in Copenhagen, to write sound effects and music for their new game "Cocktail Nights", which releases the same year

Marks the release of "Synthetik: Legion Rising", an isometric shooter video game from Flow Fire Games, on Steam, for which I wrote in-game music and tracks for the trailers

I began singing with the local choir, picking up the clarinet a year later. This was followed by saxophone in 2002

In between working and traveling, I achieved grade 8 distinction on clarinet in April and grade 8 merit on saxophone in September

While helping fellow musicians work towards their recitals, I take on my first student, a clarinet beginner from Huddersfield. In the years to come, I go on to teach over 30 people, ranging from ages 9 - 81, with varied musical ability

For 2 years, I study a Masters in Composition for Film and Television at the University of Bristol. Training under the likes of Dr. Martin Kiszko and Dr. William Goodchild

Having spent the last few years balancing and funding my music career with retail and catering, I take the plunge and take on the teaching and composition full-time

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